The Science of Germproof

Nov 13, 2020Germproof

The Science that Backs Germproof Nano Coating

NavJack Germproof - 99.99% Antibacterial and Antiviral Nano Technology

What is the Germproof Nano Coating

Our proprietary Germproof Nano Coating is a polymerized nanocomposite material that when applied to our rugged phone cases and tempered glass inhibits 99.99% of bacteria and virus reproduction.

Multistep advanced process for nano coating and antibacterial antiviral defense

How Does Germproof Compare to Other Methods

NavJack Germproof Nano-Polymering Technology is the ultimate method of protecting your device from allowing bacteria and viruses to reproduce and transfer from your device to your hand. Compared to other methods NavJack Germproof is the best choice for convenience and peace of mind.

Superior Method of Defense against bacteria and viruses

Basic Experiments Prove Germproof

A simple experiment many have done in their classrooms shows to your own eyes that Germproof is effective at inhibiting bacteria and virus reproduction. More stringent and precise testing also backs Germproof’s viability as a quality method of defense against the spread of dangerous disease.

NavJack Germproof proven by experiment

Proven Safety and Effectiveness

Through the application of credible scientific theory Germproof is part of a new revolution in how nanotechnology is applied to real world problems. Multiple international agencies have certified NavJack Germproof’s effectiveness using laboratory grade testing, the same used to confirm surface and equipment sanitation.

Germproof Nano Coating Approved by Multiple International Certification
Most protective anti-drop antibacterial case